About Dwayne and his merry band of ninjas

Dwayne Ferguson, who also goes by the name Hunter Wolf (long story, involves crime fighting...) has been in the graphic design and publishing industries since like forever. He's got amazing eyebrows.

He's created artwork for:
Walt Disney, Sony Music, Warner Bros., Johnson & Johnson, Horn & Hardart, PSE&G, Tony Roma's, MacMillian Publishing and some other folks.

He's created artwork for these franchises:
Mutant League, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Ghostbusters, Transformers, California Raisins. 

His own properties include the comic book series Hamster Vice, the children's book mystery series Kid Caramel: Private Investigator and the world's toughest covert operative Black Zero: Mercenary Ant. Unknown to many, he is a professionally trained voice actor and has done commercials, the voice of Black Zero and there's more about this later in this excruciatingly exciting (hello...is this thing on?) bio. 

He likes coffee, hates sleep, laughs at the notion of naps (though not so much anymore. Hey those mid 40's are serious). Hunter thinks the whole world is insane so he plays along. He doesn't believe in water boarding or surf boarding because, last time he checked, the idea of being eaten by a shark is still not very popular.

Hunter is the CEO of DIEHARD Studio and produces awesomeness for clients and the world. When Hunter isn't fighting crime (and in the world we live in, that comes to roughly 42 seconds per day) he is creating entertaining and highly informative video tutorials for Virtual Training Company. He has taught classes on Photoshop, After Effects, Lightwave, Painter and more. He even produces a podcast on iTunes called VectorCrush!

In addition to this stuff the man has written books on technology including tomes on Mac OS X, Flash, Dreamweaver, FrontPage (oh, the FrontPage...that was painful...he's still in therapy over that one) and others.

Current projects include an upcoming new book on software called 3D Coat, a book displaying his production artwork as art director of the animated television series Mutant League and an animated short film, re-imagining Edgar Allan Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart. Hunter teams up with television actress Janet Hubert of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air to perform voices for the creepy tale. Be ready for the world's coolest short animated film this fall.

He is married, lives in New Jersey, loves to read, play video games and on occasion, stare eye to eye with the Godzilla on his desk. Godzilla typically wins these stare-downs since he's a plastic figure and therefore cannot blink.