Beach Imp

Every once in a while I get brave and draw something with no sketch and zero idea about what I'm about to draw. So I launced Illustrator CS4 and just started drawing. Next thing ya know, I got an imp at the beach. And, as imps are kinda stupid, he didn't realize that he's so hot that he evaporated all of the beach water. So here's how it went down.

This is the drawing, created with the Blob Brush. I went full-steam ahead and used the Force to draw. lol. I'm still trying to decide whether I'm a Jedi or a Sith Lord. I kinda tend to lean towards the Sith. Shooting lightning out of your fingers is just too cool to resist, man.


Here I start with the shadows and highlights. My usual workflow is: line art, flat colors, shadows, and then highlights. I do each on it's own layer. Layers give you flexibility and the ability to hide and show things as you experiment with color.


Lastly, I add the flowers to the inner tube to add some more humor to the art. I also make sure to determine a light source while I work so shadows and highlights are consistent.


I toss in some sand (just different color dots) and the backdrop. I decided not to add any steam, which would indicate the evaporated water. I'm not a big fan of telling the entire story in a piece or art, so the naarative can instead come from the viewer. We all see art in different ways, so I just start the visual conversation and let the viewer engage in the story that they see as their interpretation.