Hot Wings

Recently I had the opportunity (or bad luck) to try my grandfather's favorite hot sauce. Needless to say, it was so hot I saw into the future and into the past. I saw that bright light Carol Anne went into, dude. To add insult to injury, I had some wasabi for the first time two weeks ago. I was eating sushi and it was delicious and I was like, hmmm, I wonder if that green stuff is that wasabi I saw on History Channel. It was. I screamed. I won't do it again. For real.

Here's some progress shots on the creation process. I used Adobe Illustrator CS4 to create this piece.


This is the sketch of the bird who, unfortunatley, decides it would be really fun to drink an entire bottle of hot sauce. Now we see why we call them bird brains.


I typically start out with a base color for the parts of the art. I spend a good deal of time working out color schemes so the colors work together.


I add the bottle and start thinking on how to really make the colors stick out. I'm still not happy with the impact I'm getting here. So I'm working out how to make it pop.


The backdrop and the new, darker shadow under the bird give me the pop I'm looking for. I may still add new tears and some steam coming out of the birds mouth. This is the hard part, really. You have to decide when enough is enough because I'm thinking of adding a hole at the bottle's opening with a hole burning into the ground (as a result of the intense heat of the sauce making contact. Think the acid that comes out of the alien's mouth. It burns everything).