color me bad...then run

Clowns are scary in a sketch but are they still as scary in color? It's an interesting question when you think about it. Would the movie Jaws be as scary if the shark had been rainbow-striped or bright yellow? Would the movie The Grudge be as horrifying if Kayoko was rocking mom jeans and a pink shirt, or if she had a pony tail instead of the hair in the front (oh god...that mother elfin' hair in the front....what....the.....faaaaaaaakkk? Probably. lol.

The point, of course, is that color says a lot more than we think. Color informs our emotions and our feelings. Even our decision making skills depend on processing color. So, if you're in the middle of the ocean, alone, and you see a massive pink dorsal fin, your brain might say what the heck, as opposed to the reaction it would create if the fin was gray. Water = blue, your arm bleeding in water = red, gray dorsal fin = you're dead.

It is the perpetual question and theory crafting that is color that makes something as seeming simple as coloring a clown something that requires thought. My clowns don't make people laugh. They don't make balloon animals....out of balloons. My clowns are jacked up. So traditional color thinking wouldn't  necessarily apply.

To prepare for painting the clown on the iPad, in an app called Procreate, I took the original photo of the clown and duplicated him on several layers, then merged those layers so I'd have one comp split into quadrants.

Once all the prep work is done I begin putting small color daubs on the page, using color theory in most cases and insanity in some others. You see this clown? Do I look like I make sane decisions? Okay lol, next I start laying down color in each quadrant. The goal is to find one of these that 'speaks' to me. In some cases, four of these may not be enough. In those cases, I simply create a new layer and paint four more until I'm happy with the result.

color clown.jpg

I hope you guys enjoyed this week's post! Next week I will post a video of the color comp process mentioned in this post. Have an awesome week and please follow me on the social media buttons on the bottom of this page for more goodness. Take care:)