What I Use: Fountain Pen

There's something special about fountain pens. They provide beautiful lines, offer precise control, and make you feel like you live a few centuries back in time. Ahhh, the good stuff. Well, not really for me. You see, I love my technology too much and would go into a fetal position if something happened to my tablet. 

As a matter of fact, I once fell down a small flight of stairs and, while my entire body slammed against the floor, my right arm was in the air, holding my tablet safe from harm. Sick, I know but it sure was funny...except for not being able to breathe for a few minutes. 

I used to use a dip pen, the kind of pen that has a detachable nib, and that you dip into a repository of ink. You know, the kind of joint Mozart used to write music. Problem with those is the potential for mess. I'm a klutz so I used to have ink all over the place.

Fountain pens come with many types of filling systems. My pen, a Noodlers Ahab, uses a piston system. It loads in quickly and keeps everything nice and neat. For it's price, the Ahab is an astounding value, offering performance found in pens far more expensive. 

Because the Ahab features a flex nib, I can easily create fine to thick lines simply by varying how much pressure I apply while drawing. This one pen made it possible to completely put my marker set away. 

Thin and thick lines easily achieved with fountain pens with flex nibs.

Thin and thick lines easily achieved with fountain pens with flex nibs.

So, do yourself a favor if you love the look and feel of ink drawing and check out a fountain pen and a nice bottle of ink. It can rekindle a love of drawing by adding a mix of the past into our high tech world.

See you next week. Keep creating,