Watch Yer Back

Hello everyone and welcome to this rundown on a current Moleskine to digital painting project, featuring everyone's favorite sometimes funny, sometimes mortifying subject: clowns. Why do so many people have fear of these jolly bringers of mirth and merriment you ask? I think it's because the smile is painted on. Who knows what's really going on in the minds of the makers of balloon animals and drivers of teensy cars.

My solution to this perplexing international quagmire: draw me up some straight twisted nightmares. You’re welcome for the incoming nightmares.

This clown was originally drawn in a smaller Moleskine. I thought it was so insane and deliciously twisted that I redrew it in a brand new large Moleskine sketchbook. I used a mechanical pencil with 0.7 HB lead. I have always preferred a very fine, yet somewhat soft-hard lead, which the HB type leads provide. To ink, I love using my Noodler's Ahab fountain pen with American Eel ink.

American Eel ink lubricates the pen as you draw, helping to keep the flow nice and smooth. I'm interested in trying out some of their other black inks like Heart of Darkness. Come on, how could someone not want to draw with something with a name that cool?

I don't have any idea where I got the idea to draw a clown this horrific. Either I had too much coffee or not enough. You can see some Clive Barker influences in the sketch as well, namely along the Hellraiser line of films.

Next week I'll share the inked version and, in the following weeks, show you the progress of this clown from pencil, to inks and finally to color. See you next Monday! Be sure to visit me on the web and social media at: