Trouble at Helm's Deep

Welcome back! As I mentioned in the last post, painting the Dwarf Warrior proved a little more difficult than originally anticipated. The culprit: indecisiveness. Sometimes being an artist means we allow ourselves to flood our brains with too many options. For example, should I color this in a comic book style, maybe manga style, maybe realistic style, oil painted style...I think you get it by now. I have yet to meet an artist who hasn't explored a myriad of techniques and styles of art. It is who we are, visual storytellers and sometimes the tools and techniques change, depending on the mood we're trying to convey. Many times the mood changed based on how we ourselves feel. I created some of my best comic book fight scenes while angry lol.

Another thing us artist types get in trouble with is our ability to let everything, and I mean everything, inspire us. Watch the movie 'Aliens' and now we want to draw something sci-fi inspired, watch 'Lord of the Rings' and the next thing ya know, we're painting dragons and um...Dwarf Warriors.

I have always had this problem, primarily when it comes to my own personal work. Granted, there's nothing wrong with having options in regards to tools, style and technique. But we need to reign those impulses in once we decide to finally get to work.

Fortunately, when it comes to deadlines, I have the discipline of a Shaolin priest. Giving yourself a strict timeline to complete a project can go a long way to calm that wandering creative mind and help you complete the task at hand. Let your creativity lead you to awesome art but let the left side of your brain (the logical side) keep you on point so you get more done. 

See you next week!