Skeleton Zealot

Not sure why, but an idea of a dagger-wielding skeleton zealot popped into my head the other day. I blame it on the curry chicken I made in my slow cooker. I did the sketch on paper, took a photo of it with the iPad camera and imported it into Procreate. I'm currently working out the grayscale values. You can check out the mood board below as well.

Skeleton Zealot sketch, imported into Procreate iPad app

Mood Board created with Adobe Collage iPad app

Gettin' Jiggy with the iPad

For the longest time, I've created my artwork traditionally. I still prefer the feel of paper for sketches, so I will do them on paper and on iPad, however, I'm really loving the painting apps on the ol' iPad. So, I'm going to post my latest sketching and painting adventures here. I'll be using:

Apps: Sketchbook ProProcreateAdobe Collage (to create mood boards)

Weapons: Adonit Jot Touch stylus and the Pogo Connect stylus

Armor: Hand Glider glove to prevent my palm from messing me up while I work.

Tablets are here to stay so if you haven't yet tried content creation on one, give it a try. I'm sticking with Apple products because you just cannot beat the ecosystem and the ability to use iCloud to transfer your work across your devices, especially for going from the iPad to desktop, for example.

As I encounter new apps and tools, I'll share my experiences with you, so that you might consider using them too. So, let's get this train rolling. Oh, as a test, I'm also going to use the iPad to blog from, and hopefully it works. I haven't done that yet. So much new stuff in such a short amount of time...