Here are some amazing letters from DIEHARD Studio fans. Enjoy!

Falcon Shadow
I remember the Falcon Shadow character from 1993,"Bite of the Scarab" and "Gray" are titles I still have within my collection. Are "Battle for Egyptica", "Specter of Knowledge" and the Falcon Shadow: the Soundtrack recording available anywhere still?

Mutant League
Very errie how they just mutated on the field like that.


Black Zero Mercenary Ant
It's been a long time since I've spoken to you but very happy to see what you have done in the past 20+ years! Many pats on the back at a job well done but I am certain you are far from done! Keep up the beautiful work. I saw the movie trailer for the animated video Black Zero Mercenary Ant and Hammy Hamster came to mind immediately and as clear as a bell. It was like a flood of memories and I wondered if that movie was an offspring of your creative genius.
Claudia L.

Mutant League
I keep waiting and waiting to buy the cartoon collection on DVD, or episodes to show up on but nothing seems to be happening.

Is there a planned release date for a DVD?
Dale M.

Mutant League
What’s going on? I’m just hitting you up because mutant league was a show I used two watched every morning before school. I can’t find any episodes anywhere? Do you have any or know where I could find them?
Unknown Fan


Kid Caramel
I admire your book, "Kid Caramel".  What a read!! Kid bears a passing resemblance to my brother, Daniel. When I first read your book I got locked into it, I couldn't stop reading it! My favorite character is Kid Caramel because he defends his friend from being beaten up by SHARKTOOTH! I really would like to know what made you write "KID CARMEL"?
Gerald H.


Hamster Vice
I was just wondering if there are any plans for a new Hamster Vice comic book that would come out some time soon.
Bill M.


Hamster Vice
Ok...So I look you up again to check out what what's happening with the Vice guys…glad to see that they are going to be 3-D . What is eta? "Great! Great! Great!"
Brent D.


Kid Caramel
I am in the third grade at St. Martin dePorres Catholic School in Columbia, South Carolina.  I have to do a report on an African American that I admire.  I have chosen to do my report about you.  There is one thing that I have not been able to find out and that is: your actual birth date.  I know that you were born in 1965 but I need a specific day.  I have all of the books for the Kid Caramel Series and look forward to many more.  I used to not like books but these books are good.  I am glad that my mom found them for me--I think that she is glad too because now she doesn't have to make me read.  Thank you for your time and I hope that you will answer this question for me.
Bruce M.

Kid Caramel
Mr. Ferguson: I would like to thank for your prompt response to my son Bruce's question.  It is good to know that you would take the time to help him.  This gesture of kindness just reinforces my commitment to purchase your books because it shows you care. I wish that there were many more out there like you. May God continue to bless you in your endeavors.
Tondelayo M.

Mutant League
Outside of the single VHS tape released, is there any way to find the Mutant League series on DVD or tape? It was a favorite show of mine when I was growing up. Thanks!


Hamster Vice
I just wanted to drop you a line, and to tell you THANKS! I was going through a box of my most favorite comics from when I was in high school. Of course the one that stands out was the Hamster Vice series. Although i only was able to find issues 1#-#3, it was my favorite. it also inspired me to one day want to illustrate, and draw comics. I just wanted you to know even back then your books had an influence. I found your website after doing a seems you've kept going, and that is awesome! Keep up the good work, and I am on the search for the final issues of the series. Take it easy!
Larry L.

Mutant League
I stumbled across your page while searching for images of the Mutant League action figures to post in my fantasy football league.  (I created a league based on ML football, giving homage not only to the video game, but also the cartoon.  It's great, every team name is based on a MLF team, trophies are named after characters...I even designed nasty audibles that the owners can call each week to affect scoring!)   I was delighted to find you were responsible for the look of the cartoon (and therefore the figures?), which I remember fondly from my pubescent days in 8th grade.  I was a proud owner of both games and 3 of the figures. Instead of buying the Mo Puke (or was it Spew?), I repainted a Marvel figure and honestly, it came out pretty damn good.  I'm not alone in wishing for a well-made next-gen video game or even feature length movie.  Maybe  someday.  Anyway, as the younger brother of a serious comic geek and myself a ML aficionado, I just wanted to say thanks for the work you put in to the cartoon and I look forward to seeing what Diehard Studio produces in the future.


Keyframe Article
Your captivating characters article is excellent for writing in general. I've been reading many articles and books on writing, and your take on it is very straight forward and comprehensive.  Thanks for doing it. Yep, I do lots of reading about how to write instead of writing... it's a hobby I guess. Anyway, I cannot wait for the follow-up.
Carl M.


Mutant League
Hey there – I'm writing in concerns to the Show 'Mutant League', which had a page on your site I was very fortunate to finally stumble upon. I'd been looking for ANYTHING on this cartoon I used to watch religiously back in the mid to late nineties, and I'd been coming up with squat for the past year or so. I'd find a lot on the game, which inspired it, but most were just cheat codes, which didn't give me one iota of help.

Basically I'm writing to ask if there are any plans to release this series on DVD? I'm not sure how this whole cartoons series to DVD thing works, all I know is a lot of cartoons I've never even heard of are making their way to DVD and I was hoping just maybe this one might too at some point. If I'm writing to the wrong person in concerns to this I apologize, But at least this gives me a chance to say just how much I enjoyed and was amazed by all your work on the series. I really appreciated it all, and I even taped a few clips for drawing from. Now that it's gone off the air for quite a few years, I wish I had taped entire episodes. But I didn't think about stuff like that back then.

If I had known FOX (the channel in which used to air the Mutant league series) was going to be taken over by the anime and anime-wannabe craze that seems to be infecting (yes I said infecting, I'm so sick of angular cartoon characters...) cartoons lately I would've taped every single solitary cartoon I enjoyed back then. It feels a bit stupid me for saying this being all grown up now but I really miss those 'old' well animated cartoons. Conan The barbarian was another big favorite of mine and it's near impossible to find anything about that cartoon online, as well as the short-lived follow-up series that aired briefly on another channel.

Well I'm sorry this is so long, I tend to talk a lot when I'm excited. I was just amazed to find a site, which housed the person who contributed (or who basically supported by the sounds of it) this amazing series. I hope you'll find the time to reply to me, and if not that's okay. Thank you very much for your time.

Mutant League
I am an artist from Minnesota. I was searching for information about mutant league and stumbled on your page. I am a huge fan of the show, and as a young artist at the time was extremely influence by your art direction.

I was wondering who wrote the show and if you are still in contact with the writer.

Also, do you know of any ways to obtain copies of the entire two seasons of shows? They are not on the web anywhere.

Great job with the show, you had a big influence on my life and I appreciate that. Looking forward to your response.
William H.

Mutant League
I was a huge fan of the Mutant League cartoon back when it was on, and I was wondering if you knew anything about a possible ML DVD set?  If nothing is happening with it yet, perhaps you could talk to the right people to get the ball rolling?


Mutant League
Mutant League cartoon episode "Boneheads Whodunnit" video pictures. Could you please! Please! Please! Download the Mutant League cartoon episode `Boneheads Whodunnit' onto YouTube and email mea copy of the video file! It was my favorite episode out of the entire series; and since I'm also a fan of the Mission Impossible TV series it has the best of both worlds. I thought it was great to have the fun, and sometimes funny, sports action of the mutants combined with the suspense and secrecy of Zalgor's nefarious plan to manipulate and deceive the fan group into sabotaging their own heroes athletic career by using the `norm skins' to humanize the mutant characters while disguising their immorality along with their true identities. Especially with the character of Kang; who despite his conniving and duplicitous nature, plotting against Zalgor behind his back, displays the capacity to care and worry about the safety of the kids when one of them jumps into the toxic lake of chemicals even though Kang knows that it is exactly what his boss wants to have happen and will suffer severe punishment if he fails to make this happen. This is what, in my opinion, makes this episode so good; along with the great animation and smooth transformation scenes!

Also if you have any images of the `norm skins' I'd really like seeing them. Thank you soooo much for any of these if you can find them and send me a copy, or download the episode onto!!!!

And once again Thank You!!!
J. Meade


Mutant League
Dude I used to watch this cartoon when I was a little boy and I loved it.  Now I'm Married and I want to watch it with my son.  Is there anywhere online or on TV where I can watch it.  If not please do everything in your power to bring it out on DVD.
Leo W.

Mutant League
Do you know where I can find episodes or view them? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Seth B.


Mutant League
I want to start out by saying your concepts are genius. I am going to school for animation and I have a project to study an early to mid 90's cartoon that I liked and explain why. I was just wondering if you could tell me where I can either watch the show online or even buy a season somewhere. I don’t mean to be a bother but who’s better to ask.
Jentz S.

Mutant League
Hey I’m pretty sure you get this a lot but is the any where I can buy this show or buy it from your website I have been looking for a long time ad I just seems not to exist any more I really enjoyed it when I was a kid and I would enjoy it even more as an adult thanks for you time and I won’t give my hopes up.

Mutant League
I really enjoyed reading your stories about Mutant League on your website.  Are you the guy that invented the characters?  Bones was always my favorite.  I really enjoyed the show.  I bought the VHS movie back when you could still buy it new and still have it to this day.

Are there any plans for the series to be released on DVD or at least iTunes?  Or do you know who I may write to about it?

Mutant League
Hey, I just saw your page on Mutant League. That's pretty neat how you were art director and all. Do you know if there will ever be a DVD release of the show? I've always hoped that they would release the entire series to DVD at some point. Thanks for your time.

Mutant League
I am a huge fan of mutant league and I was wondering I there is any way I can get a copy of the series on VHS or DVD?

P.S. By the way I love the set designs great post

Apocalyptic neo world sets.
Joel B.


Charlie Brown Kicks Ass
Hell yes! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good to hear from ya again! Later!


Hamster Vice – Snailiens!
Are you seriously the ones who made those Snailiens toys? I have some of those! I got 'em somehow when I was pretty little, and I read the tiny little booklet that came with them. What was the point of those? Where they just toys, or was there a cartoon in the works, or what? Anyway, I was cleaning up my basement when I came across those Snailiens, and I was about to toss those things out. I was looking at them though, and I decided that I think I'll keep them. They're pretty cool.

By the way I have no idea where I bought those toys.
Joseph G.


Hamster Vice - Snailiens
I'm currently a college student residing at the University of Maine in Orono. The other day I was browsing the web and came across some stuff about aliens, and something about it led me to someplace in the back of my mind where I was about 8-10 yrs old and went to the dollar store. I remember them selling these things called Snailiens - Super sonic spacefighters or something like that. At the time, they had only sold the hero portion (I believe they were all named after U.S. presidents?).

Anyway, I couldn’t find any of the villain type that were marked on the back of the packaging when I went and got these from that store. I then went over, a few weeks later I think, to a store called KB Toys. They, however, were selling all versions of them for like 10$ each. I didn’t happen to have that much, but fortunately (for me), that store went out of business soon after and was replaced by Toy Works. But before they shut down, KB Toys had a clearance sale, 50% off sale, and a going out of business sale at the same time, all together saving me like 95% or so. So I bought myself a villain, cant remember his name, with the sidekick (that I happened to find on the floor after someone popped him out of the packaging), for fifty cents :)

I have long since moved 2-4 times, and through yard sales, friends, and parents going through everything, no longer have any of the several I purchased of these. I also had forgotten the name of the toys up until last night right before I fell asleep. I don't know why but the name came to me (Snailiens). So I did some research on Google and eBay, and cannot find anywhere where these are still sold, or anywhere that has people who have kept them in the box or even loose out of the box. I am writing this note to you because I thought firstly that my story may have interested you somewhat, but also because I really wanted to get my hands on one, if not more, of these Snailien toys. I really miss them, and cant even find pictures of them. I am willing to pay up to 20 dollars or so for one of these in the box, and maybe even the same for something that’s in good shape out of it.

If you have any info on where I can find one of these to buy, I wouldn't know how to thank you. They'd bring back a lot of memories of the time in my childhood when we were carefree and played with things like this.

Hamster Vice – Snailiens
I was doing research the other day on a toy that I used to play with a long time ago.  It was called a Snailien. Actually, I had four of them.  I remember their names were Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt. While doing my research I found this e-mail address and was really curious if you were the one who created them.  I'm pretty sure my mom threw them all out, and I would really like to get my hands on them again.  If you could please e-mail me back with any information as to how to get Snailiens again, it would be greatly appreciated.
Stratton M.


Keyframe Article
Hi, I'm from Nigeria

I saw your profile on the Newtek website believe me, I am so happy knowing u use 3d to create anime movies,.

I also happen to be an anime freak "otaku" and a motion graphics designer (was rated the third best in my country last year and I don’t even know much) I use Lightwave and after FX for most of works but right now I am working on a personal project using 3d but rendering in 2d, I have a couple of test renders and they work fine. So you see why I couldn’t help but to send a mail just to tell you that you have led the way for many to follow, and to tell you that you're doing a great job hope to order for one of your DVDs soon.

I would also like to change your mind about some things. You said your favorite anime’s were ninja scroll and vampire hunter d but I tell you that these ones are nothing compared to Naruto I am an anime freak and if I tell you that Naruto is a hundred times more interesting you should take it always hits you from a very unexpected angel its the type of anime you can never predict. So just wanted you to check it out because as an anime creator you have to be able to claim that you have seen all 140 episodes

There a couple of fan sites who gives you these animes for download. The recent episodes they give you free but you have to donate a little money to view the older ones but I urge you to start from the first episode it'll really zone you out!

It's an honor writing, it would be a greater honor if you replied when you can and it would be the one mail I won’t delete in my life!

Have so much to say to you but you're probably twice as busy as I am and I wouldn’t want to cut out your time by making you read some boring fan stuff.

Hope you were able to read my English.

Take care Master Wolf

Hey...That sounds so cool
Remi O.


Keyframe Article
Hey, Thanks for taking out time to reply my email I really appreciate it. It came at a time when I was having some blockings and it got me really inspired. Hope you’re feeling a lot better don’t want to make this too long and I don’t expect you to reply either just wanted to say thanks and I'll send you my website and once I’m done with it's construction. Wish you all the best in your runnins.

I'll buzz you anytime I have any thing that I think will interest you.

Don’t forget to set out time to rest (enough sleep) say hi to your peeps for me take it easy...Master Wolf
Remi O.


Keyframe Article
Hello. I just wanted to thank you for printing my tutorial. It looks great and I am getting great responses from other Keyframe readers.  My newspaper is writing an article about the whole deal too.  Have a great weekend!
Ricky B.

Mutant League
Wow, I can't believe I found a Mutant League web site!  I used to watch Mutant League EVERY morning before I went to school (I was in elementary at the time).  as a kid, I used to build bones Justice & razor kid out of Legos and create my own Mutant Team & take 'em apart during a game.  Just to make this quick, I miss this cartoon.  I wish I could find every episode.  Everyone who had a part with this show, I say...Good Job!  :-)


Mutant League
Two days ago, it seems the movie was leaked over the internet! Finally! I just found out this morning at work! Now, if only someone out there, would have the heart cough, the compassion cough, to press a button that uploads episodes of the insanely killer, rare, and awesomely drawn cartoon...there could be a substantial amount of funds transferred anonymously to some account somewhere, linked to an email address, or a toothpick gets sold on eBay for a retarded amount.

Thanks for everything man. You rock, and I'll be checking out your other work just because.

Trevor F.


Mutant League
Duuuude, at work, hardly able to move, from the SHOCK that I've found this page! I've been looking for ANYTHING I could find for Mutant League forever now. I've put out bounties of a hundred bucks for anyone that could find me a torrent that had this show available for download!

Is there any possible way, that your work, these episodes, could be recovered? I am dying to hear back from you.

Thank you insanely in advance, and for my childhood!


Trevor F.