Cute but will kick your ass
These are the guys what done started my career (that sentence was fun to mess up). I wanted to enter the comic book business and, not the type of person to wait for anyone's approval, wrote and illustrated the first issue without a publisher. I sent out solicitations to the major comic book distributors and got a whole bunch of orders. Sounds great, right? Not when you're a poor college student. I had orders and no money to publish the book, so I called a few distributors and asked for advice. After I tossed around a few Jedi Mind Tricks on people, I was hooked up with Blackthorne Publishing and the series was born. 
The lead characters are named after an actual hamster (Hammy)I had as a kid, as well as my dog, a german shepherd (Ben). Both of them are the stars of the series. Hey Hammy and Ben, wherever you two are, I love you man!
I plan to release 2 volumes of graphic novels called Hamster Vice: Collected Mayhem. People who didn't get a chance to read the early adventures from the 80's will have all the issues collected in 2 big books. More on this project to come. Stay tuned:)
Comic Book Series Cast:
The Good Guys
Hammy Hamster
(call him 'Ham' or find out how hard hamsters can punch)
Rank: Commander Vice Unit
Code-name: Rebel One
The brains of the team, Hammy, er...HAM is also the best marksman, ushering fiery justice
with his specially made 20mm pistol Widowmaker. He’s Dirty Harry covered in fuzz. His bad temper is always getting him in and, fortunately, out of tricky situations. Ham is one tough nut to crack.
Ham was born in the urban town of Lead Stop, one of the toughest cities around. If you tried to shoot a roach, chances are it shot back. As a child, Ham witness countless acts of violence against the citizens. And roaches were often the perps behind them. They were drug lords, extortionists, and worse yet--politicians. Ham decided he’d dedicate his life to bringing an abrupt halt to the rule of the insects.
On his very first assignment, he and his Vice unit had to track down notorious serial killer Rumble Roach.
Wolph Stormbringer
Rank: Master Sergeant Vice Unit
Code-name: Sting
Preferring to fight the old-fashioned way, Wolph never uses a gun unless he has to save
his hide. Caliber-X, his sword and first love, is his choice tool of all-out mayhem. Wolph
likes to help criminals shed excess body weight with the 'ultra slice fast program.' By far
the strongest member of the team, Wolph's brawn makes up for his brain.
Ben Shepherd
Rank: 1st Lieutenant Vice Unit
Code-name: Radical
The talented science officer, Ben specializes in pyrotehnology and research. If it explodes,
Ben is a happy puppy. With his great sense of humor (he's a legend in his own mind) and
his sharp K9 senses, Ben rounds out this powerful quartet of fur and fury.
Isis Sandstorm
Rank: Sergeant Vice Unit
Code-Name: DropKick
Tall, gorgeous and dangerous, Isis is the team’s tracking specialist. If there is even a piece of molecular material available, she’ll find a way to find where it came from. Originally a member of the ASWAT (Animal Special Weapons and Tactics), she was transferred to the Hamster Vice Unit at the request of Detective Hamster. Always there when you need her most, Sandstorm is an indispensable part of the Vice package.
The Bad Guys (and bugs)
Emperor Moth
Status: Crime Lord
No one has ever actually seen this legendary criminal, but his influence can be felt city-wide. He was responsible for the famous Demon Roach cult attacks that swept Swamp Indigo. He was also responsible for the kidnapping of Police Chief, Captain Nightsight.
Status: KinPin of Crime
Let’s see...he’s a two ton great white shark, and he’s the numero uno boss of crime (under the Emperor Moth, of course). Scary. He has been a major thorn in the side of the Vice machine for a decade and has never been captured (although Wolph almost killed him in battle once with an uppercut with his sword).
Rumble Roach
Status: Major deceased
Hamster Vice’s first major opponent, this axe-weilding bodybuilder gave Hammy a run for his money by abducting his team and girlfriend! Braving Rumble Roach’s stronghold, Hammy freed his team and destroyed Rumble Roach by introducing the top of his skull to concrete.
Mandok Sypdor
Status: Crime Boss
A small-timer compared to the above lords o’ crime, Spydor holds his own as a terrorist in town and has almost caused the demise of the entire Vice team.
Queen Mosquita
Status: Queen of Crime
A vampire mosquito, Mosquita lured the Vice Team into a lethal battle between her armies of blood drinker and themselves. It was a war which left the team drained and exhausted. Even though the Vice won, they were fired from the force due to extremely unconventional means by which to end her tyranny.
Demon Roach
Status: A preternatural entity
Brought to life by the sacrificial blood and souls of kidnapped people, the Demon Roach wreaked unholy havoc upon the world. That is, until Hamster Vice kicked it’s evil butt back to the roach motel in hell!

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