The story of Mutant League wouldn’t be exciting at all if it wasn’t packed to the gills, horns, and ooze with interesting, if somewhat tragic characters. From the show’s hero, Bones Justice, to his arch-nemesis KT Slayer, to the fan favorite Madman and his son, to the rest, this show has all kinds of people, er, mutants, in it.
Horns become hairstyles, hands become claws and spiders become a tasty and crunchy snack. You haven’t lived til you had a steaming basket of spider legs with tarter sauce!
But the fact that most of the characters no longer fit in the world of normal people, called Norms, doesn’t matter. They’ve become superstars on and off screen. The crew and I worked really hard on bringing these guys and gals to life. As the show's Art Director, my job was to lead the look and feel of the good times you guys got to watch on TV. From characters to uniforms, vehicles, props and backgrounds, we worked very hard to craft something you would love. And the constant flow of emails and comments to the clips on YouTube tells me we were successful.
Below you will discover some of the behind-the-scenes sketches, some action figures and even a piece of fiction written by a ravenous fan. Enjoy and thanks so much for loving Mutant League as much as we loved working on it!
These toys were based on my uniform and prop designs. Click on each one to see them all zoomed up and what not.
These sketches are of the weight training room for the Monsters team and some of their gear like skates, the goal and the Kidd. Since these guys are way, waaaaay stronger than regular humans, called Norms in the show, I gave the weights and equipment some extra poundage. To make things seem even more dangerous, I made some of the weights triangular to offet the balance. A human would have a hard time with these but to mutants, it's just another day at the office. Now, if anyone in real life steals my triangular wieight designs, I'm bringing the noise to your front door.
I've seen a few hockey games and I learned that the fans surely expect a fight to break out. So I made the equipment angry looking to fit the mood. Fun times for all!
As I mentioned above, hockey is about slammin' people into the glass but who says you can't also get a little gouging in there? I made the tips of the blades extra sharp so you can play a good game, and still be able to slice through a tomoto. It's two, two, two things in one!
One of the toughest, biggest and baddest mutants is Malone. I thought about Clint Eastwood's western movie days when working on Malone's coat. It looks like it's been through hades and back...then again, maybe it has.
When the stadium in the show erupts in mutagenic chemicals, it's not only the atheletes who get hit by the goo, as is evident in this sketch. This referee is still as bad with the play calling as he ever was, and he looks the part too!

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