Hamster Vice issues 5 and 6 parodied my favorite movie at the time, which was Aliens (let's rooooock!). So, in the comics I sent Hamster Vice to outer space to rescue kids being held captive by the Snailien Queen. And, before you ask, no I don't drink.
I went around New York looking for a toy manufacturer and the result of many months of meetings and sketches and power lunches was Snailiens. There was even a commercial for them that ran right before Batman the Animated Series. The weird thing about this project is that the Snailiens in these toys don't quite match the Snailiens, in appearance and story, as in the comics. I'm sure you've seen this same kind of thing happen when Hollywood decides to change the stories of your favorite characters. An example might be how the Hulk movie doesn't quite match the comics. Or how in the X-Men films, Rogue is pretty much way younger than in the comics. Why they do these things, I have no idea.   Same happened with the development of the Snailiens toys. The result is a mix of both my ideas and the toy developer's.   Well, the cool thing is that I'm gonna be publishing 2 volumes that collect all the issues of Hamster Vice (called Hamster Vice: Collected Mayhem), so you can see the original Snailiens story for yourself. Sooo, I figured I'd show you guys what the toys looked like, their packaging and the official story. Enjoy.

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